Weekly Writing Goals: June, week 1

This week has not gone according to plan AT ALL.

New job things are moving right along, which is nice, and old job things up in the air as always, but I’ve put in a 7 day straight stretch (with no day off in sight yet) so that means good things for my paycheck and bad things for my writing.

This week has been all about playing, writing wise. I got in a little editing, but I hadn’t touched Rain’s story in a few days, and coming back to it was odd. I’m figuring out what the big questions are though, and what I need to address as a whole, instead of just scene polishing, so that’s nice. I’ll have it ready for beta reading shortly (was really hoping to wrap it up last month, but then work things happened) and we’ll see if they agree with my assessment of the problems. Or point out new problems, it’s whatever. I hadn’t realized until the other night that beta readers DON’T KNOW YOUR STORY YET, so you can really see what your words are saying. Kinda common sense, I know, and I got it in an intellectual sort of way, but it just barely became real to me.

I’m kind of an idiot like that. 😛

We’ve also started a new Asylum story, much like Rain’s story for Haven, that will help us sort out a lot about the culture these characters are coming from, and help us when we dig in with the edits for that tale. Bit of a distraction, but a useful distraction.

I’m also working on a completely fun collab piece, which has been delightfully distracting. Candy writing is the best. 😀 And with all the crap going on at work, it’s nice to have a piece I can unwind with that is free of the stress of re-writes and publication woes and whatnot. I like playing, and everyone needs to just chill sometimes.


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