No more bullets

Wow you guys. I am down to 5 drafts for posts. Just five. I once had like 20 to 30.

This is not to say that the queue is drying up, just that I’ve been drawing on my reverses pretty heavily lately. Since opening up my social media, I don’t spend as much time building random thoughts into posts. I’ll just dump something on Twitter, or turn it into a Facebook status update, and move on.

Part of this is also me using up the last of the 21 things, but still. It’s just so odd to me to see it empty. I’d like to fill it back up, get some good drafts going, but I think the reality I’m coming to face is:

This is no longer a daily blog.

And I don’t think it should be. The “I’m here!” every day presence of mine is rippling out to my other social media platforms, and I’m thinking I want to save this particular space for the meatier ideas. It just seems the organic way to do it, letting the word garden grow up around me however it cares to.

It’s nothing official – but then again, this blog never has been. But if you start to notice me dropping off and wondering where I’ve gone, the answer is Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.


5 thoughts on “No more bullets

  1. Every day is hard to sustain.. and like you said, there are all these other social media locations for the smaller posts.
    I say as I go to five days a week… but that’s different…right?


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