What if I get it wrong?

ETA: Forgive the post going off half-cocked. Working from my phone is hazardous at best. :/

I recently started working on a just for fun collab project that is not only real world historical, but set in the past within the fantasy world’s timeline as well.


When the original author wrote her book, she did SCADS of research for accuracy, most of which was never really included. It was more for her sense of the world/characters.

She asked us as a fanbase what historical details did for us: how much is too much, how accurate does it need to be, etc. The answers varied, but so does her fanbase. Some of us are history buffs, some not.

But the finished work was so character driven (like her books all are) so it didn’t really matter. Jeshickah from then or now is more or less the same, it’s just that then, all she access to for sterilization was Lyme.

Historical or not, our stories are all the same, it’s only a costume change.

But working on this side project had made me realize how unsettling it is to work in a setting where you can get so much wrong. And with so much opportunity for people to call you on it. It scary, but also quite satisfying when you get it right. Higher risk, bigger payout.

Eclectic Alli

Among the many titles I like to give myself (quietly and mostly when thinking to myself) is “historian.”  History has been a passion of mine for my entire life.  As a kid I would create projects that focused on history.  Throughout school, if I were given the chance, I would turn my assignments towards historical topics.  I read historical-fiction, and historical non-fiction like mad.  I ended up with a BA in history, and an MA in religion — with a thesis focused on a historical figure.  And I have now been accepted in another graduate program, where I will pursue an MA in History (starting this fall).  And I dream that, someday, I’ll have a Doctorate in History, that I’ll work in a museum or as a history professor, or perhaps a historical consultant or… the possibilities seem nearly endless.

Hey!  Look!  A historic marker... can we stop a minute? Hey! Look! A historic marker… can we stop a minute?

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4 thoughts on “What if I get it wrong?

  1. Thanks for the Re-blog!!
    And the project sounds intriguing… a historical story that also works in the history of a fantasy world? Hmmm…
    That I could get behind (and not at all because I have written complete stories that end up just being historical stories for other stories.)


  2. You are not joking.

    For my character, I looked through 4 historical books, two websites and then had to Google a bunch of facts (“What would a women have available if she lived in a house that doubled as a plantation in the 1800’s?”) and it drove me crazy.

    I am also a historical nut but with my character, when I wrote that “short” (ha!) synopsis about her, I cut nearly half of it and most of it was on the ‘historical research’ I did. I’m glad now that she has some purpose and it did show me that I do love the research I do.

    It is amazing, though that we have to stop and think about historical facts. Did electric lights exist? What would a bathroom look like in those days? What was the world like?

    And sometimes it’s just fun to make it up. 🙂



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