Zero to Hero: Day 27, behind the scenes

Today is about building a calendar. I’ve already loosely done that, by setting up my schedule, but I wanted to take a closer look at it, and see what’s done well.

As I mentioned before, my stats are kinda skewed, in my opinion. The stuff that does the best gets a boost from being linked. Daily Prompts and ZtH do about twice as well as my other stuff, because it’s tagged to reach a bigger audience. So, inflation aside, what does well?

My most popular content: the writing process, daily posts, blogging/writing events.

I can’t really control what days the Daily post will jump out at me, So I’m content to let that go. Though I have been wondering what I’ll blog about when ZtH is over. There’s that writing thing coming up, but there’s only so much I can do about outside events. But focusing on that is less than helpful, so when you cut that away, I’m left with posts like this or this.

The character wrangling/editing blues posts, I can’t really come up with in advance – when something jumps out at me about today’s work, I post it. Then end.

But posts where I’m responding to someone else’s post, those I could do. If the right inspiration strikes.

That sounds like a lot of digging, but as I’m running out of blogging material, it’s seeming like a good idea. And this will help me queue up some posts from the last ZtH assignment where I looked at my stats.

So what do we got? Back to the WP tags.

I started with the #WeNeedDiverseBooks tag, because that has really gotten me thinking, and I’ve really enjoyed reading what others have had to say as well. This post from Pelican Writer on the need for diverse authors resonated with me and I can definitely build on it. I also found this on Sounding out… let’s just say it hits too close to home for me not to blog about it. You’ll see soon.

And that was with less than 5 mins of searching. Oh yes, you can expect to see more of this coming up.

But as far as a calendar goes… well, my life is just not that settled at the moment. I currently work on a week to week schedule, where I never know when I will be doing what, so carving out designated blog time takes a backseat to my editing and writing. But, like the 21 things weekend installment (that is coming to an end, sadly), I would love to keep commenting on the works of those around me. So we can likely expect that.

Incidentally, I put the 21 things on the weekend because of exploring my traffic times. I do get more views on the weekends, and mornings in general (no, I’m not always on here, checking stats- what makes you say that? :P), which is why I try to post double time on weekends, and post early in the morning when I do schedule out posts.

So I guess the wrap up is: editorial calendars are kind of intuitive. Refining them is a little harder, but just getting one going is pretty easy, if you stop to think about it for a second. Give it a go, if you haven’t already.



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