Zero to Hero: Day 26, behind the scenes

Original Post

Today’s ZtH is for branding, which I’ve accidentally done a  lot of already. I set my Blavatar up pretty much first thing (fun fact? The coffee was my first latte art ever, from the coffee shop I like to write at, Purdy’s) and I’ve got a facebook fan page, though I’m not sure I set it up right (I just couldn’t bring myself to click “Yes, this is a real famous person). I’m even using my Blavatar all over the place, which is kinda funny when I have the blog and the Tumblr both open and I can’t remember which tab is which.

I do sort of love the custom image widgets, but I don’t have an image in mind yet. Using the coffee mug over and over and over again on my page doesn’t quite wow me. I think I’m just not that into it for the RW blog, but I’ll definitely get some serious work going when I open up Asylum’s weblit page.

So I guess my final thoughts on branding? It’s kind of instinctive. Just do it (if you’ll pardon the weak pun there).


( I feel really lame ending on a weak pun. Is this really what I want to be known for?)


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