The Outtakes: Seth and Lena’s nightmare


Woke up from a supremely bizarre dream this morning (as my Twitter followers already know). Apparently, I was dreaming for Lena, one of my partner’s characters. She dreamed she was at a Disney Princess High kinda thing, and the baddies had hatched up a plot to break up the princesses and their charmings.

It was way more heartbreaking that it sounds.

Anyways, in the throws of that biochemistry, I stumbled downstairs and hammered out this. Not sure where it fits in the Asylum timeline, but I know it’s waaaaaay down the road.

She woke with pain trying to claw its way out of her chest like a beast. Not injury, grief. Her eyes with dry but her breath was still ragged from sobs she’d been screaming moments before. As she threw back the covers, she almost clutched the book to her hand she’d been holding in her dream.

Chris had said goodbye. Just gotten in a car with the rest of his boyscout troop and left with nothing more than a thumbs up when she whispered for him to keep in touch. He hadn’t even looked back.

She knew it had been dream, but that didn’t help her swallow down the lump in her throat.

She had been each of the four Disney Princesses as their boyfriends had left, one by one. It had been some sort of high school tv show, and in that weird dream way, she’d known that it had all been orchestrated by the villains, but that did nothing to chase away the raw grief that still filled her mind.

(Biochemistry, her brain whispered. It’s just biochemistry. You’re not even Lena, you’re just suffering from the lingering hormones and firing emotions of your dreamscape. Hold it just long enough to write, but let it go.)

You’re safe, she told herself. You’re loved. Chris isn’t going anywhere.

But he wasn’t here. She’d woken panicked and alone, tears still feeling so real…

And there was no one to chase them away.

She didn’t begrudge Chris his nights out, she was happy when he was happy. She was also happy Travis was finding someone to make him as happy as Chris and Jon made her.

But right now, she was alone, and hurt. And she just didn’t have the skills to cope with it.

Seth woke from a dead sleep, panicpainfear washing over him in a suffocating wave. He had stumbled from the bed and was out in the hallway without even being properly sure where he was. He stepped to the door caddy corner across the hall, following the tug of grief in his gut.

The fear spiked as he approached her, but the sadness was too overwhelming for him to ignore. He knelt down, and wrapped his arms around the sobbing girl, reflecting her pain back at her, but also trying to fight it down with love and caring. No one should ever feel this alone. Not in a serpents’ nest.

No, not a serpents’ nest. A chimeras’ nest. He was home, and he was holding Lena.

And Lena was sobbing like her heart had been ripped from chest.

Flashes of the dream-memory washed over him, and he pushed back with comfort and safety. They were not alone. They were holding each other, and there many other nest mates ready to hold them if they needed it. A part of Lena’s brain acknowledged that, and together, they worked to fight down her panic.




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