Zero to Hero: Day 25, behind the scenes

I find it pretty funny that I’m coming to the “Save a few drafts” assignments as I realized I’ve run out of queued up posts. I’ve been so distracted with building up my social media, I’d just let all my cushion run out from under me. So, back to the drawing board.

The posts I’ve had the most fun with have been the ones I’ve done with my characters. I’ve really liked digging into their world and seeing things through their eyes – the round up was my favorite, I think. I can’t decide if I’d want to make that a regular thing or not, but it could be fun. I’d like doing them more with some reader feedback, though – it’s hard to pick which characters to showcase. I guess that’ll come as the rest of you get to know them better (read: Get your ass in gear and publish them, silly girl!)


The “most popular” posts is a little harder to judge, in my opinion. I don’t think my posts with the most views are necessarily more popular than the others, just better publicized. In my past 30 days, nearly all my top viewed are my Daily Prompts posts – and it’s easy to guess why they got so much traffic. My top ZtH posts are ones full of links to other bloggers, presumably, they have so much traffic because of the links. But, maybe there’s a lesson in that for me. Maybe I need to think more about tagging and making my content known.

But as far as what content is popular? I have no idea, based on views alone. I get a lot of positive feedback on my writing process rambles – the ones where I just sort of blarg onto the paper and let you all see what it’s like inside my head – those were really popular ZtH posts too. So that’s something.

I’m still not sure what I’m gonna make two drafts about, but I should be doing some chores right now anyways, so I”ll kick it around while I mop. I’ll let you all know if I come up with anything.


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