Zero to Hero: Day 22, Intermission

Ok, so I had this all ready to go, queued up and everything, and was working on my comments for Day 23 when I realized- this was supposed to be a poetry event. Yes, the instructions are open enough to include anything, but All of the answers are poetry. I feel like I’m intruding by not doing poetry. I can, and I do, write poetry from time to time, but this is not it.

I hate to completely scrap the post, because I had fun with it, but it doesn’t feel like the right event for my ZtH. So, I’ll be trying ANOTHER Another blogging event, but here is this in the meantime.


Trying a new blogging event for my ZtH Day 22. I was scrolling down three words a day when this entry caught my eye:


It was “seabed” that caught me-I was suddenly reminded of all the mermaid characters in Asylum/Havenverse that have yet to be mentioned. They’re there, there just hasn’t been any reason to talk about them yet.

But this is supposed to be a freewrite- so I suppose I should get to rambling. 😛


Gil missed the ocean floor. He’d never let on, but walking among the sand-dwellers was more punishment than anyone around him could imagine. Even the selkie thugs had no idea; their human form was a second nature to them – first nature even. They had no idea the pain of being forced from your home, the currents and voices of the ocean a constant pull, and a distant echo. To be surrounded by life, the sea, it’s essence… and now, this body – this body with it’s deadened skin, it’s world full of burning dry air and merciless sun…

Putting the mer back in merciless, Zig thought. Funny.

He’d have to keep that kinda crap to himself at the sushi bar. Lena was Jules’ friend, but that didn’t keep her from being every inch a proud mer. She liked him – he had no idea why, or how Jules could tell, but he trusted his girlfriend when he said she did, and he did his best to behave. It just…didn’t always work out.

Zig hadn’t realized he was so prejudiced until he’d started seriously dating Jules. The witch thing made sense, being “raised” by vampires, but the mer thing – well, it made sense in his head, until Jules had actually pointed it out to him. Just because the West Coast mers were so…

Gil wondered how his story had gotten hijacked.

He was all ready to tell the tale of how he’d been banished to the land dwellers because he’d rescued a drowning kid but no- no Zig had to go and steal the show, Again. God, the kid was infuriating! Why Clarissa’s master hadn’t just killed him off- gah! That guy was just too much to bear. Forget the scorching sun and the dry air and the complete oddity of having to move your legs independently to get anywhere- all of that paled in comparison to the torture of having to know Zig.


Well, Gil, who pissed in your koi pond? 😛




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