Art imitating Art?

Out of curiosity…

I know a lot of creative types can be creative in my different ways- girlfriend and I painting art from our stories, for example. It’s got me wondering:

Do any of you bring to life creative works from your stories?

I would love to have Rain’s plugs from Summer Spiders, for example, or any of Tripp’s work for that matter. It’s out of my skill set, but Id still love to have it.

I can totally see girlfriend making something for me that Jules knits for Zig, or Rain. I can see me buying a scarf that Seth might give to Nica- cause I can’t melt the beads with my fire magic like he can. Stuff like that.

Do any of you do that, or is my inner magpie showing?


7 thoughts on “Art imitating Art?

  1. I have done a little of that kind of thing. A nomadic culture I’ve been working on creating for years (shoot, over a decade, how is that possible?) Does this cool woven shawl thing, and I’ve crocheted something similar, certainly inspired by.


  2. I wrote a novel once where wearing different colors of yarn around the wrist was a thing, so I did that along with the characters. Also, one one my cultures has a “protection symbol” that I draw on myself when I’m feeling scared. The way I write my name with a star is a nod to a culture of an ongoing project where people sign their names with a symbol like that (the star is the ‘sign’ for writers in that world.)

    But I totally feel your pain with wishing I had the skills to have all the really cool stuff from my writing! I really need a best friend who’s a blacksmith. And a seamstress. And apparently a wizard…


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