The Experiment: Social Media

Even on the Internets, monogamy just doesn’t seem to be for me.

Thanks to Zero to Hero, I’ve started really doing more with other platforms, like Tumblr. Actually, the Tumblr in specific is the culprit for stealing away all my WP time. Zig and Seth both have really taken to posting over my shoulder, and I really like the idea of having my character’s do that. Also, since Tumblr can be a very visual heavy media, I really like using it to post pictures of things like example’s of Zig’s tattoo style, or the various animal forms the shapeshifts characters take.

But it has noticeably cut in to my blogging time, and my WP stats reflect that. Am I worried, not really, but it is noticeable, and I do still like to think in terms of the experiment every now and again. This seems like the sort of thing I should report.

On the plus side, my other platforms are being engaged more than I thought they would. I’ve gotten a few responses/favorites to some of my Tweets, my Facebook page insights look good, and my Tumblr has even brought a few readers to the blog. And, most importantly, I’m really enjoying doing it.

Engaging social media might not be for everyone, but it’s a good fit for me. 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Experiment: Social Media

  1. I know using different types of media formats for promoting my work and my blogs has helped some. If I ever get to over 500 I will be thrilled. But, I am okay for now and taking it one step at a time.


  2. Yea, but look how ahead of the game you will be when you get it finished. You will have all of these people looking forward to reading your finished work. 😀


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