Weekly Writing Goals: May, week 3

Holy crap! It’s Writing Goal day! How did I almost forget that? You guys almost got to see my “motivational” post. 😛

…I’d actually been toying with revealing that anyways, because it’s kinda fun. And I’d really thought I would have slipped up by now and forgotten to do this post. We’ll see.

This week has been …a blur. The editing I have done, I’ve been very happy with, but I don’t think I’ve done too terribly much of it. Between starting up the social media, the release of Bloodwitch, and having all the spoils from Fiber Fest, I’ve been pretty distracted from my writing lately.

But Rain’s story is about a 1/3 of the way done, and Cait’s making great progress on the new opening for Asylum, and I feel good about everything in general. Things are really shaping up, I think. 🙂


Zero to Hero: Day 23- Follow up

Today’s ZtH is a follow up to the Friday Fiction blogging event. It’s turned up a whole lot of nothing so far. 😦 I’ll keep checking back, but I’m thinking I might just have to try a different blog event. Ah well. I had wanted to give three words a try.

On the plus side, my characters are following up my little blurb for Friday Fiction, so at least I got a new story idea out of it (which is totally what I need right now, more stories to write).

Daily Prompt: Zig, the door to door door salesman

Zig considers himself an expert on today’s Daily Prompt, anywhere doors in particular. The Underground is full of them- well, I guess I’ll let him explain.

Guys, forget the time machine and the invisibility helmets – you need an anywhere door. I use mine to store extra rooms in my house: painting studio, personal gym, greenhouse, library, eternally large wardrobe. Not to mention, coffee is just a doorknob away when you can link your bedroom to the kitchen -no staggering down the hallway for me! And, the vacation possibilities are endless! France, Hawaii, Disneyland, Athens, World’s Largest Corn Maze- you name it! Seriously, you have to get an anywhere door!


Just, ah.. make sure it’s not tied to a semi-sentient fey sithen that gets mad at you when you move out to go live with your new girlfriend. Just sayin’.