Zero to Hero: Day 24

I’m actually a big fan of round ups, as you’ve already noticed. But I’ve also really enjoyed letting my characters run amok on this blog, so I thought I’d let them give me a hand here.

Rain uses: ABCs of Yoga

My first yoga instructor recommended this site when we were learning the sun salutation. I still go to it for new poses and refreshers on poses I haven’t done in a while. The videos are really easy to follow, and the cartoon instructor is kidna cute. Hey, don’t judge! I’m not as bad as those women who only come to the studio when Kain teaches a workshop. 😛

Btw, thanks for all your support and encouragement to make sure my story gets done- keep cheering for me! – Rain

Zig suggests: Macheesmo, a cooking blog

I really love to cook, which is handy, since the Spiders are mostly useless. But I never really had any formal training in a kitchen, so Macheesmo is pretty much awesome. Very much a “Anyone can cook” kind of attitude, and the food is AMAZING. Also, the guy has great personality, and it really shows through in his posts. Give it a whirl, and definitely try making one of the recipes. I recommend the Pomegranate Brussels Sprouts. – Zig

Chris recommends: Oh Joy Sex Toy, a sex toy review comic (NSFW, btw)

Two words: Sex positive. It is so great to see someone with such a wonderful attitude about sex and sexualities and bodies and relationships and Yes! All the Yes! Plus the art is lovely, and it’s quite informative. Give it a read, and give their affiliates a click too if you like what you see. 😉 -Chris

Seth offers: Essays on Internal Enslavement, an unique approach to BDSM (also, potentially NSFW)

Anyone interested in how BDSM can work in real, healthy relationships, rather than some of the muddled shades presented in popular media, give some of these essays a read. It’s not the only way to do the lifestyle, but I do personally agree with many of the theories and approaches represented. Do be careful, if you’re at all sensitive to triggering, and everyone should always be careful when exploring BDSM culture – always keep it safe, sane and consensual. -Seth


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