You’re doing it wrong. Maybe. Sort of.

For those of you that have been paying attention, you’ll know that my pet project Asylum is being groomed to be released as a web-lit serial.

I am happy to present you the thoughts of one who has gone (is going?) before me, and her issues with pulling a web-serial out of a novel box.

Eclectic Alli

If you have spent any amount of time with children you are probably familiar with the sentiment, in one form or another.  Try telling a three or four-year old a slightly different version of a beloved story – chances are that they will inform you that you are telling the story wrong.  Or prepare a snack differently than their parents do (or than you’ve done in the past) and you’ll find out that you are doing it wrong. Or, perhaps I’ve just had the opportunity to work with a large proportion of opinionated and strong-willed children. But sometimes there is wisdom in these words.  And sometimes they will be surprised to find that the way you are doing something works

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