Zero to Hero: Day 19- Try something new

Today’s ZtH is another new format post. Since I’ve not done much with music, and I just did a re-write in Rain’s story where music is a key feature, I thought I’d give it a whirl.

One of the last scenes I did edits on involved needing to show the passage of time. Originally, I’d done some heavy handed stuff with IM messages and the actual passage of 10 minutes, but I went with something more organic in the re-write.


She heard Myles start to bang around in the kitchen, the smell of dinner wafting up the stairs. God, whatever he was making smelled foul. In the few times she’d eaten his cooking, it tasted alright, but she’d learned not to ask what was in it after he’d fix them goose liver.

But this, god, this was rank. It smelled like roadkill and a headshop. Brooke pushed away from her desk, concentration completely shot. She lit a hazelnut toffee candle to try and cover the smell, and turned on her stereo so when Myles came knocking at dinner time, she could pretend not to hear him. There was no way she was eating whatever it was that was making that foul smell. It was a cheap tactic, but one her parents had respected so far.

Lots of little important things going on in that scene, but the idea I’m focusing on today is her music choice. I still want to show a passage of significant time, so in my mind, she’s put on something that will be obviously different from when she first puts it on to when she comes back to her own mind. If it were me, I’d put on something like Phantom of the Opera- I’ve killed so many hours to the Original London Cast recording, but that’s me. What would Rain be likely to listen to?

She is into literature, and dance, so something like a musical isn’t totally out of character for her. But she’s more likely to go for something lighthearted, so probably not Phantom or Les Mis, though both would fit her.

I’m also working about two years into the past, but the time line isn’t totally nailed down. Still, it gave me a jumping point, so I googled “movies about musicals, 2012”. By luck I came across Moma Mia (which came out in 2008. Good enough).

loved the power Meryl put into “Winner Takes it all” so I gave that a search. I turned up this really lovely acoustic track:

The sound quality is a little tinny, but I love listening to her sing anyways.

But would Mamma Mia be what she’d go to, in the state she’s in? Rain’s been kinda down, so maybe Les Mis would be better.

“Suddenly” comes about right for me, time wise:

And I sort of love the lyrics, if you read them a bit ironically:

Suddenly I see
Suddenly it starts
Can two anxious hearts beat as one?
Yesterday I was alone
Today you walk beside me
Something still unclear
Something not yet here has begun.

It’s funny, cause there’s something else inside her head with her. No? Just me? Ah well. I like it anyways.

So then she runs out of her bedroom, all freaked out, and climbs in the shower. Cd is still going, obviously, so where do we end up when she comes back to her room?

How about Javert’s suicide? Nice a dramatic, no?


Of course, all of this is just for my own knowledge. There’s no reason or place to include in the narrative, at this point, but I kinda like knowing it. 🙂




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