Zero to Hero: Day 19, behind the scenes

Today’s ZtH is another “Try something new” day. I’m really not sure what to try though, because I feel like I do tend to use a wide variety of post types. But, I am a little short on the audio posts, so I’ll put one of those together for you today.

The pre-game:

Listen to lots of music, obviously. I tend to be the sort to write with music on, cook with music on, sing along with the radio in the car and occasionally take my iPhone in the shower with me so I can listen to music there. I like music, so this part is not a problem. The catch is, how do I organize it all?

The ramble:

There are lots of directions I can take this, and I already have some good idea forming, but I want to do a free form brainstorm for a minute just to make sure I don’t accidentally miss out on the perfect idea. So, set a time for 90 seconds, see what comes out:

  • Songs for every characters
  • Soundtracks to certain tales
  • Random sample of music I’ve been writing to
  • Songs that might play in Asylum
  • Songs that might play in Eight-leggs
  • Songs so and so might listen to in the car
  • Songs Jules grooms to
  • Songs that get sung at karaoke at Rooks
  • Songs already mentioned in Asylum
  • side thought: music videos or just sound clips? don’t want to distract

And BAM! Ideas. Ideas for lots of posts, actually. I will most likely come back to more than one of these, since I like posting, and I like music, and I like using this blog as a way to flesh out the characters in a way that might not always work in the actual fiction. Although, a side thought – I’ve recently started using other social media like Facebook and Tumblr for this blog, so maybe I want to reconsider the venue. I think a string of music posts on Tumblr would fit in really nicely.


Gotta pick just one for this assignment, and since I’ve been all about Rain’s story lately, I want to zero in on that. This means either picking songs she might dance to at the studio, or music that might play at Eight-Legged Ink. Zig’s been pretty active on my Tumblr, so I think I’ll leave 8-Leggs for there. Oh! Idea! I did recently do a re-write where Rain puts on her stereo to drown out the sound of her mom and step-dad doing gross newly wed things, so I’ll run with that.

The technical stuff:

Since I’ve not posted just sounds before, I have a little homework to do. Off to the tutorials!

Quick googling of “wordpress embedding sounds” turned up this link. I didn’t want an upgrade, and some of the other options were kinda vague, but choice number 4. Soundcloud looked promising, so I clicked the link for that. That how-to was waaay in depth, but had a link to Soundcloud itself up near the top, so I followed the link rabbit hole another click.

Aha! Finally something useful. Had to sign up, but was pretty well expecting to. Sign up with Facebook was super easy, and I was listening to crap only Rain would like in no time. (Ok, so I indulged in a little of my musical tastes first. I had to do a test run, didn’t I?)

It is wicked easy to embed with Soundcloud. Like the tutorial said, just click more options, and there is an embed code AND a wordpress specific embed code.

So easy, I may or may not start including more music in my future posts. We’ll see. I still think the music posts fit in better on Tumblr, but we’ll see.

The wrap up:

All that’s left at this point is to sort through the music Rain would like and string together a post about it. Not too hard, since I already have the post more or less together in my mind. And with the sound embedding being Super easy, I should have this post banged out in no time.

Assignment Try something new: Check. 🙂


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