Zero to Hero: Day 18

I waffled for a while about connecting to social media, because I didn’t want to be that person that hounded their family and friends to read my blog. And that’s really the only people on my Facebook and Google. But my Twitter account has sat dusty and unused for a while, and honestly, I see a lot of potential there.

When I first started editing Asylum, I did a mad string of blow by blow posts about my progress – something really better suited to Twitter. While I don’t really have any TweetFans at this point, I can see it being a useful add on, for my writing style at least. We’ll see.

There’s also the recent string of faux Facebook posts from my characters, so that might be something I run with in the future. I don’t know so much about my G+, especially since I keep my personal blog on blogger – which is funny, because my circles don’t include any of my family but my younger sister, but whatever. Blogging evolves, I don’t have to get it right the first time.

Also, fun tidbit: ever since I started blogging, I cannot seem to write right right the first time – it always comes out write. πŸ˜›


7 thoughts on “Zero to Hero: Day 18

  1. Looking forward to reading your stories and keeping up with your blog. There were so many people to thank and to acknowledge in this 30 day post. I know I missed some people. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your posts. And that last tidbit, very funny. I must be took me a minute. πŸ˜€


    • Thank you! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

      Be sure to keep an eye on my “Finished” works page for more stories. Rain’s first draft is up currently, and I’ll post the first revision as well, when I’m done with it. Asylum is a longer range project, but it’s got my full attention once I finish Rain’s first editing.


    • Oh man, that sounds awful.

      I have a handful of other words like that, though of course none are coming to mind. Though I have noticed that I’ve gotten lazy about typing correctly since getting an iPhone, but that’s hardly surprising.


  2. I decided to jump head-first into the social-media world, but was fairly intentional about it. For instance, my twitter page had been kinda all over the place anyhow, so I just kept going with the same account, and I opened an instagram and tumblr with the plan to run them with my blog (only, with other content as well). But my facebook is pretty thoroughly just for my friends and family, and while I have no qualms harassing them with my blog (they know and love me, right? So a little harassment is totally okay…) I didn’t want to have to deal with opening the page up to the general public (because it’s pretty locked down and limited access), so I started an “Authors Page” that I administer. It’s got a very small group that actually reads it at this point — but I have it, and I try to use it at least some… figuring it’s there for when I actually want/need it.
    If I knew how to connect with you on twitter, etc, then I totally would πŸ™‚


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