Zero to Hero: Day 14

Uuugh! Another tag assignment.

I really can’t complain too much though – I even jumped the gun a few assignments ago by looking up world building as a tag (but we’ve already seen I really don’t care if I do these in order or not :P). It really is a good idea, and I can see why we’re doing it again and again.

However, I’m totally gonna cheat and use the world building tag as part of my tally. 😛

I also searched Tales of Mu, an old web serial I used to read. The tag itself turned up nothing, but I did glean the term “weblit” from her own about pages when I went to the site itself. Surprisingly, it turned up only one result, so I’ve decided to champion that term since it describes what I want to do with Asylum so perfectly.

That search also turned up the term serial fiction, which has a lot more under it. If nothing else, doing this assignments has taught me how to tag more effectively.

That rabbit warren lead to a post about JukePop serials, which is another avenue to consider for Asylum.

So as much as I hate to do these find new things assignments, I always seem to find new things, and that’s really lovely.


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