Zero to Hero: Day 16, behind the scenes

I had a post, written on today’s Daily Prompt, all ready to go and emotional and personal, like a post written about personal baggage should be. Real life happened, like it does, and now I’m left ruminating over personal life vs. public life, and writing memoirs, and when its just not fair to write things about yourself, because your story isn’t just your own, and how we put ourselves into our writing and a whole lot of thoughts that refuse to coalesce into anything tangible.

In short, my head is full of beautiful noise, but my words will not sing for me.

I’ve been trying to work on today’s assignment for Zero to Hero, but it’s just not happening. I’m getting stymied by the Universe every time I turn around, so I guess it’s just not time yet.

This is a pretty personal post for me, though I’m leaving it vague enough that none of you can really tell what emotions are swirling around beneath the surface. J would know (Hi J, hope you’re doing well) and Girlfriend would know, but Girlfriend knows everything.

I guess what I’m saying is- oh hell, I have no idea what I’m saying. I want to be working on ZtH, but it’s not just happening today.

Maybe this is my Muse telling me to go edit.


One thought on “Zero to Hero: Day 16, behind the scenes

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