Weekly Writing Goals: May, week 1

Finally getting back on feet from the bug that laid me flat last week. I took it easy this week, since I’d been ill and since I went up to Ohio to see the family. We took my brother out for the traditional sixteenth birthday Phantom of the Opera – very cool. 🙂 But very distracting.

I did get one more scene hammered out for Rain’s story, and will probably work on it more when I’m done posting here. I am perilously close to being done, but the closer I get, the more doubt is sneaking in. I just can’t seem to figure out how to ease the transition from “We’re writing, we’re writing, we’re telling a story, things are happening” to “BOOM! Main villain is dead. Turn tape over for book 2”. I know the ending will be abrupt – it’s supposed to be abrupt- but there’s “I crafted it this way” abrupt and “…You just wanted to be finished writing, didn’t you?” abrupt. I’d really rather go for the former, but if this hangs me up too much longer I will just end it, get the whole thing posted up on the Finished Works page, and try to get some reader feedback.

Lies, all lies. Inspiration struct like mad lightening and I finished Rain’s story yesterday. Go forth. Read. Comment.

I’ve also done some good reading on editing this week, and have some new ideas for tackling Asylum’s edits. Last week, I made up a bunch of index cards with key events on them so I could do a timeline (for Asylum and all it’s companion stories) so I know a little better whats going on when to who, but that will only help so much. I think my first goal is to fix all the theology issues, and then give it a quick read through for glaring issues, then just send the thing out for beta-reading. Like Rain’s story, I’ve been sitting on this too long. It’s time to give it to someone else to kick around for a while.

So that’s where we’re at. Lots of editing. All the editing. The summer of editing.






2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Goals: May, week 1

    • Oh man, all I wanna be doing right now is pouring over Rain’s book. Now that it’s finished, I have this strange sense of clarity. The ending shouldn’t have any baring on the opening, but I guess with the”just finish it!” Stress gone, everything is opening up.


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