So, uh… I wrote a novel.

I just finished typing “The End” on my first novel.

Ok, technically I wrote “End of Book 1” πŸ˜›

Man, this feels so good. And surreal. Completely surreal. Finishing Asylum was a headtrip all on its own, but finishing Awakening, the first novel I wrote completely by myself – I won’t if I’m ever gonna get used to this.

I’ve posted the completed first draft to my Finished Works page in all it’s naked, unedited glory. By all means, please comment, give me feedback, make note of corrections I’ve missed, and all that lovely stuff. Feedback is beyond welcome. And if you’d rather do so via email, drop me a line through my About page and we’ll get to work.






18 thoughts on “So, uh… I wrote a novel.

    • Oh man, for sure!

      I’ve been working on Rain’s story since this past November, though I almost lost it trying to hit the word count goal in those last few days. Picking it back up was sooooo hard, but man, it feels so good to be finished!


  1. Congratulations!! Are you dancing and skipping and jumping along with your novel Tourettes? I have written my first novella and that was pretty exciting. I can only imagine how much better the feeling is for a full blown novel.


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