Zero to Hero: Day 9

It’s been a good break, but I’m back everyone! Today’s Zero to Hero is more about me, and more about what didn’t make it to the About page. There were a lot of things to choose from, but I ultimately decided to tell you more about what I’m not ready to talk about.

The story I’m not ready to tell is about why I really write. The fiction is a way to explore the reality of my family that so often feels unreal. The story I want to tell is my battle with self-harm, and my entire family’s struggles with mental illness. But I don’t know how to tell it yet. I don’t know how to start it, and I don’t know where it ends. But I know I’m not the only little girl who’s sat alone in her room in the middle of the night, feeling like the whole world is empty, like my skin is too full, like I’ll never hurt enough to really feel what I feel.

But I want to. I want to tell this story. I want to tell it in a way that will help. I want one less little girl to feel so alone.

That’s the story I want to tell. But I want to perfect my story telling first.

So I write. I write and I write and I write and maybe someday I’ll get it out. Until then, I’ll write.

And help you to write too.

Together, we can tell our stories.


Happy Writing Everyone,



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