Camp NaNo April 2014 wrap-up


Finally back on my feet, and had some time today while family was at church to get some more work done. Another 850 words, though Camp is technically done. But I will finish this story, so here’s the next scene.

Sure enough, a call echoed down from the upstairs. “Brooke honey, is that you?”

Yeah Mom!” She turned with a finger to her lips to keep Frost quiet, like she had brought a literal stray home. But of course he wasn’t there. He was “unseen” or whatever – stupid over-powered super-pup. She shook her head, feeling ridiculous and turned to go upstairs. Instead she came face to face with Myles.

His face was flat, but accusatory. That parent face of “I know what you’ve done, and I’m giving you the chance to tell me about it”. Rain was instantly guilty, falling back and making herself small. “I-”

I what? What had she done? What did he even know? Could he see Frost? She fought the urge to spin around and search for him, knowing he wouldn’t be there. But he was there, she could feel his hackles raise as Myles pressed in on her.

How was your day, Rain?” His tone was conversational, but his eyes bored into hers, and that one word filled her stomach with dread. Every time he called her by her new name, fear thrilled through her. What would he do, when he felt Rain was slipping away? What would he do to any friends that tried to help her?

She felt an icy wind on her neck, and Frost’s growl echoed through her skull. “No,” she whispered, breath freezing in the air. Myles’ eye widened, then hardened. “What have you done?” His hand cut through the fog between them, and Rain pressed back against the wall, willing Frost to be still. “You can’t,” she pleaded as ice formed in her hair. Myles leaned on the wall to either side of her, fire in his eyes, power crackling visibly between them.

And then he turned and swept up the stairs, smiling and reaching for her mother, who had appeared at the end of the hallway. “Hey you two – did you tell her? She needs time to get ready.”

Rain stayed sagged against the wall, not trusting herself to speak. Myles turned, giving her mother his back as he said, “I don’t know if she’s up for going out tonight, it looks like she’s caught a cold.” Again, Frost growled within her, and Rain gritted her teeth to keep him silent. But her mother was rushing toward her, hand going to her forehead to check for a fever. Rain pulled back, afraid to let her mother touch her.

I’ll- I’ll go take a shower, that usually makes me feel better.” She pushed past her mother, escaping to the bathroom before something awful happened.

As soon as she was alone, she slid down the door, hugging her knees to her chest. She shook with silent sobs, until she felt her mother knock on the door. “Honey, is everything ok? Do I need to take you to the doctor?”

Rain jumped up and turned on the shower. “No mom, I’m fine. Let me shower, ok?”

She couldn’t say how she knew it, but she felt Myles come up beside her mother and led her away. Something about the way he pressed at her, like he was leading with his mind as well as his hand- was that magic? Could she sense it now?

But then Frost was pushing back against the feel of it, and Rain threw a mental leash around the feel of him, with the sharp his of a mental NO! She stuck her hand in the water, the heat of it helping to chase away Frost’s chill. Quickly, she disrobed and stepped under the hot jet, feeling more in control the instant she did.

You can’t do that!”

She gritted her teeth, whispering fiercely. It didn’t matter that he could hear her thoughts, she needed to say the words. She needed to know he’d heard. Frost indicated he was listening, but otherwise remained silent.

I told you – no more Destroying people! And even if you have to, you can’t attack Myles- at least not here. Not with my mother…”

She didn’t know what she was really afraid of. All she knew is that she would do anything to keep her mother safe. They’d figure something out about her step-dad, but her mother had to come first. It was bad enough knowing Myles was in her mind, she couldn’t bare the thought of anyone messing with her mother’s memories, even if it was for her own good. They would find another way.

Something must be done.

I know! I know. Just….” She ran a hand through her hair, trying to ground herself in something normal. She should be worrying about split ends right now, not about crazy witches trying to do god-knows-what with her magic while keeping one hand wrapped around her mother’s heart. It was too much.

Just- only as a last resort? He’s been playing at this game for months, he won’t do anything stupid now if I don’t.”

Frost gave his affirmative and left her to shower in peace.



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