Camp NaNo April 2014 wrap-up

Overall, Camp NaNo April ’14 was a flop for me, but I’m not sorry I did it. I tripped at the finish line, coming down with this nasty bug (which I am nearly over, btw) on the weekend I’d had allotted to finish this darn things.
5.6k. That’s all I had left. Probably, honestly, not even that much. I had 1, maybe 2 scenes to write before Rain’s story would finally be finished. I will get to those, but at the moment I’m sitting in my mother’s living room, enjoying a much needed vacation. The only reason I’m even blogging is because it’s a school day and I have a few hours before everyone comes home. 😛
So here’s the break down, and, as promised, I’ve uploaded everything I’ve got so far to the “Finished” Works page. If you’ve been following along since November, you’ve already read it, but I’m putting it up today so that I have something up like I promised. Illness or no, I can do this, and I’m gonnna does it dang it!



Title: Haven: Awakening, the rest …

Type: Young Adult Novel

Event: April 2014

Average Words Per Day
Your Average Per Day
Words Written Today
Target Word Count
Total Words Written
Words Remaining
Current Day
Event Finished
Days Remaining
Event Finished
At This Rate You Will Finish On
May 11, 2014
Words Per Day To Finish On Time

7 thoughts on “Camp NaNo April 2014 wrap-up

  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I’m extremely excited to read the whole story! 🙂
    Over 19,000 words is fabulous, too! I know friends who started NaNo and they made the whole process such a big thing that they just froze up and couldn’t do it. I think that getting it all done while still working full time, making meals, sleeping and simply living your life is something that you should be proud of.
    And we love your characters so even if you could have only written 500 words we would have been excited to plunge into this new world that you’ve created. Don’t get down on yourself, you have accomplished so much. I know that we will see a wonderful, glossy book of yours on bookshelves in the near future!
    🙂 Much love,


    • I meant to say that I love the STATS at the beginning…though I am going through the whole story! Lol! It’s really on my mind…
      I must be tired.


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