Now what?

Camp NaNo is over, and many of us are now staring down the barrel of a freshly finished first draft. I don’t know about the rest of you, but this part always scares the hell outta me.


Getting it all out, for me, has always been the easy part. I don’t look at things too closely, I don’t analyze what I’m doing, I just let the words come. But sitting down to edit, knowing I have actual work ahead of me is scary as hell. How do I know what changes are right and what changes are wrong? When is a passage over done? How close to perfect is good enough? What direction is perfect in, anyways?

No matter what stage you are in, taking that first step into the uncertainty of the unknown is always the worst. Don’t let it chase you away – we’re all right here with you, just as scared, just as ready to give up before we even begin, just as determined not to give in.

Happy writing,




6 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. I finished my mad dash writing (and I do mean mad-dash.. I believe I did a few 4k dashes at the end), and now am undertaking some serious overhauling of the story in order to get it “Blog-Ready.” Which means reconciling some ridiculous timeline issues.
    And I am remembering that sometimes the best thing to do is set the story aside for a time before revising (Disparate Threads started with Nano 2006, I believe…).
    VERY nice to know that others are right there with me in the process!


    • Isn’t it wonderfully reassuring to know you’re not alone? I had planned some mad dashes, but my lungs had other plans. I think, though, that’s left me more determined than ever to finish, which is the real goal anyways. 🙂


  2. Oh my, I feel you… getting ‘started’ with editing is so intimidating. I normally spend a couple weeks nudging sentences around before I have the courage to actually bring the wrecking ball in and start on the “real” issues with plot and research, etc. It’s so much harder than it should be.


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