In Search of Search Terms

Remember back in the day when you could actually see what search terms brought people to your website? (If you don’t remember, read this glorious post from Hyperbole and a Half. Go on, I’ll wait for you.

Ok, so like I was saying- remember that? We don’t have that anymore, thanks to encrypted search terms, and it saddens me. I would really love to know what search terms are bringing people to my blog.

I’m going to leave this post a sticky for a while, in the hopes that you, the readers, will help me out.

What search terms, if any, brought you to my site?

Feel free to leave a comment here, or message me directly using the contact from on my About page if you’d rather.

Thanks guys! I’m looking forward to the results. πŸ˜€


14 thoughts on “In Search of Search Terms

  1. I’m curious on this too — though sometimes I have been able to see what terms people used (like the week I posted a “Holy Week Reflection” and then felt bad because I was pretty sure it wasn’t the kind of reflection people who found my site with those terms were looking for.) Now I’m kind of happy to bask in the mystery… πŸ™‚


  2. I’m nearly positive you know how I found your blog, even if it took me months to actually start reading it…
    And I’m surprised that the internet doesn’t let you see what searches brought people to your blog. I think it was 15 minute lunch blog that posted hilarious reasons why people came to his site. It would be really enlightening to see what brought people to your blog.


  3. I’ve gotten a few more search terms to actually show up after writing this post. ALL of them are some variation on Fate vs. Free will or Destiny prompts.

    Dunno what it means, but I thought I’d report for you all anyways. πŸ™‚


  4. This is Brantley of the Brantley Blog, by the way. I’m working on a new blog called The Story in the Frame now. It’s an artistic collaboration between myself and my girlfriend (a photographer). I write short stories about her photos. Please check it out! Hope all has been well with you!


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