Weekly Writing Goals: April, week 4


This week started out alright. I got some interesting stuff figured out for the badguys from Rain’s story (though I still don’t have a name for LBB) and I was learning all about Shade-kin and Shadows-

and then I got a fever.

Each day has been progressively better, but I am still grosserose. No bueno. 😦


7 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Goals: April, week 4

  1. This is awful! You were feeling better and then this fever just decides to start! The good thing about this (yes, there is a good point!) is that your sickness will be over soon–your body is heating up to fight the illness and then you will be all better. πŸ™‚ So, rest up, eat chicken noodle soup and know that your body is trying to help you. Hopefully in two days, you’ll be feeling like your regular self! πŸ™‚

    Take care and know that your body is fighting this! Raw!



  2. Don’t let a lil fever beat you! You’re the protagonist, he/she/it’s the antagonist and you’re locked in an epic battle for your health, at the final battle RIGHT NOW! πŸ˜›


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