Daily Prompt: Mad Skilz

Today’s prompt actually spoke to me instead of one my characters, so you get a regular old Raeven post today.

As bizarre as it is, I love to know more about butchery. The Grand Plan is to live on a farm, work from home (for Automattic, maybe :D) and alternate my day with writing and farmery. Stuck on a scene? Go pull some weeds. ๐Ÿ˜›

But what would really take the cake would be to have every Sabbat feast be completely made by my own hands.

I’m not technically Wiccan, eclectic Pagan is more like it, but I love tracing the Wheel of the Year through the Big Eight. Being able to raise an roast my own rabbits, chicken and sheep would be so meaningful to me, and while I know I could always take my animals to someone else, I would adore to be able to do it myself. The more involved in the whole process I can be, the more worship I feel. Make sense?

Barring that lofty dream, I’d love to learn HTML and CSS- but I know me, that’s just a matter of time. Butchery is not so assuredly in my future.


10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Mad Skilz

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  2. Very interesting. It would be easy to be “offended” or think “weird” with your post. But, I can understand what you are saying. I think that one of the biggest problems with our society today is we have lost touch with the Earth. We have lost the appreciation for the animals and plants that nourish us. If we had to raise our own food and kill our own food perhaps we would be more empathetic. Definitely more self-reliant and probably feel much better as humans connected to our planet. I am not sure I could do butchery. I am not sure that I could raise an animal and kill it. Even vegetables have a simple nervous system and “feel” when we kill them. My biggest dream is to wake up someday in a new land with farms, solar and wind energy powering our homes a truly Agrarian society. I can see that as more peaceful and tranquil than the world we live in. Thanks for posting.


    • Thanks or commenting! I hesitated to post this, because it is so personal, and so weird, but it’s very important to me. Raising the animal myself, nourishing it and building a relationship with it actually makes me feel less “guilty” about eating it. When I feel connected to Earth’s cycles, including food webs, I understand that my nature is just one cog in so many moving parts. My part of the machine is to be a responsible steward, and help guide the land and animals under my care to flourish. I can’t do that unless I am in tune with Nature’s music, and so trying to do that brings me more in tune as I actively think about it. Self-sustaining process, ya know?

      I also understand that my way isn’t right for everyone, but it feels right for me. I’m not saying you have to slaughter animals to connect with nature, but I do think that raising my own meat would make it more valuable/meaningful to me (which would also undoubtedly slow down my very American met consumption, which is another plus.).

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