Zero to Hero: Day 7

I’ve been playing around with a custom header, not sure I’m ready to release it to the world yet. I am thinking more and more about switching to twentyten – I love Zoren, but it’s “header” isn’t particularly headerly by my aesthetics. I’m sure once I’ve polished my header up enough to fall in love with it, I’ll want it as prominent as possible.

But anyways.

I did go ahead and mess around with some widgets, adding a NaNoWriMo link, since I like to talk about it so much. You can find it waaaaay at the bottom of my all other sidebar stuff, which will probably get a clean up at some point soon. ZtH has been great for me rethinking all of that, at least.

I’m starting to feel a little behind in ZtH, but I’m not too worried. I think it’s just the NaNo nerves from April almost being over. ZtH doesn’t have any such deadlines, not really, so I’m pretty happy to work on it at my own pace.


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