A shout out to the lady behind the lady

Some of you may have noticed that I don’t proofread my posts.

I could make up a bunch of reasons for why that is, but mostly it’s just laziness.

Some of you also may have noticed corrections to those mistakes in the past few day day’s* days’** worth of posts. This is because I have given girlfriend access to fix my posts when she chooses to read them. She doesn’t do this too often, since I usually blather on and on about how excited I am about X in my blog, so there’s no need to read it herself, but occasionally, she’ll take a gander, and usually spot 4 or 5 mistakes right away. I’m debating asking her to proofread all of my posts, but I’d hate to subject her to it. 😛

Besides, all she gets out of me is three square meals a day and a good cuddle buddy. Hardly fair pay for a live in editor.

Perhaps I should offer to rub her feet for every proofed post?


*FUCK! There’s a typo! Damnit it all! ….I only noticed this while reading the post aloud to the girlfriend. She is a wonder and a gem.

** Why yes, I did have this all corrected and she still fixed it for me. Grammar FAIL.


7 thoughts on “A shout out to the lady behind the lady

  1. A panda walks into a bar, eats shoots and leaves. Or something like that. Yeah.

    I wish I had the option of a live-in copy editor. While I would be more than happy to pay my wife in food rubs, she took French immersion throughout school and therefore has this habit of taking my English words and translating then. Gets mighty confusing.


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