Camp NaNo, April: Day 19-22

Had to work all Easter weekend. Not a bad thing, really, and I did have fun dyeing eggs with girlfriend, but I got nothing done on my NaNo. Well, not nothing nothing, but nothing towards my word count.

I’ve been chatting with Ash, Nicky and Kestrel about House of Blood, and some with Xaphrael and Rhion. I know more now about what it is, how it works and all that, and it should help me figure out where Rain’s story is going in the long run, but here’s the thing:

It’s not at all important to finishing Rain’s story.

This is why, up until now, I had never finished a novel. I get caught up in the world building, to the point that all actual writing gets put on hold til I can figure it all out. Sooooo many stories, mostly finished but not enough to be done, all eaten by my world-exploring hunger.

I will not let this happen to Rain.

I’m trying to really emphasis this point, mostly to myself. so that I can be sure it happens. Come May 1st, you all should be clamoring for me to post Rain’s story in its “entirety” on it’s own page, like I promised myself I would when I finished it. Ok, you don’t have to clamor for it, I know YA isn’t for everyone, but at least ask me how its going?


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