Zero to Hero: Day 6

Greetings, Asylum fans!

We have a special treat for you today. Recently, as in 5 mins ago, Seth was told he had to agreed, graciously, to sit down with me for an interview. As a fellow writer and long time character, he’s going to share some tips and tricks of the trade and maybe you’ll even a learn a thing or two yourself, Raevenly  and he’ll be on his best behavior, I promise!

Q: Tell us a little about yourself, Seth. How long have you been writing, what sort of work do you do? (You really wanna ask me that? Behave! The Q’s are for me, the A’s are for you, now get out!)

A: Well, at the risk of rampant spoilers, I’ll have to be a little vague. I’m currently a dancer in the Asylum nest, run by the lovely Nica Darneu, as you well know. In addition to dancing, I like to dabble in folk lore – nothing to fancy, but as I child I was trained in our family’s rich oral traditions, and the desire to capture history in story form stuck with me. I’m currently working on a compilation of said tales, though the English translations of them lack the lyrical symmetry of my native tongue. I’m also collecting a good deal of information from correspondences with some lovely folks in other literary cannons, though I’m not sure what will become of that project. It’s quite fun, if nothing else, and it’s bringing me back to the days of my first literary dabbles in D/s erotica. (…you do know I can edit this when we’re done, right? Any and all attempts to embarrass me or the girlfriend will be deleted. Hey, you said the A’s were mine, get out.)

Q: What sort of stories are in your compilation project? Where did they come from?

A: I was trained in the art of storytelling by my mother, who was the family historian before me. She taught me the creation stories, the origin of dances, tales of legendary heroes and the various seasonal tales that mark the passing of high holidays – much like some of the ancient tribal mythos of your world.

Q: Is it difficult balancing your work with Asylum and your work on your writing?

A: Incredibly. In addition to working dancing and floor server shifts, I am also Nica’s second in command, so I have quite a few demands on my time. However, one of the perks of being her second is being able to enjoy a friendly relationship with the higher ups in many of the other local political bodies, including the local vampire’s kiss. Hannah runs a cozy little B&B retreat just outside of town, and when I can sneak away, it makes for fabulous writing. I almost never bother trying to write at the Asylum proper – trying to get work done there is an absolute waste of time. Too many distractions.

Q: Hmm, I wonder what Nica would have to say about that. Anyways, any advice for writers in your same predicament?

A: Do many of today’s authors find themselves regularly subject to amorous advances from their flat mates (welcome or otherwise)?

Q: I suppose that really depends on one’s circumstances. Let me rephrase: How do you make time for writing in your busy schedule?

A: You’ve answered it yourself: you make time. When writing becomes your priority, there is suddenly so much more time for it than there was before. Also, make sure it is a priority for those around you. If said flat mates can’t leave you alone, make time to go somewhere else and write. One very rarely finds themselves accosted by cross-dressing jackals in a library, for example. Though if you’re plagued by know-it-all cats, just give in. It’s faster that way. The sooner they get their way, the sooner you can get back to what you were doing.

Q: It seems like your attention is often quite divided- any advice for staying on task? Do you write with outlines, or keep notes?

A: I keep extensive notes on my extra-cannonic research, or on any research project I undertake. I am one who is very easily “distracted by shinies” to borrow a phrase of yours, so if I don’t make notes of my current train of thought before I wander away from it, it’s likely never to be seen or heard from again.

As far as recording the family histories goes, I try to write each tale in one complete setting. It galls me to leave them unfinished, like being interrupted by a phone-call when your hilt-deep in THAT’S QUITE ENOUGH OF THAT. We don’t have the mature rating box checked on this blog. Oh, do we not? That’s rather silly of you. ANYWAYS, MOVING ON.

Q: Any other words of wisdom to impart before I kick you off, erm, I mean, let you go? (Mhmmm. I can’t trust you! You keep wanting to tell those sorts of stories. This is a kids show. Maybe. Possible. I don’t know. Anyways. You’re fun to fluster. ANYWAYS.)

A: Keep writing. Always. No one can tell the stories that are in you, and from a character’s perspective, there is no higher calling. *meaningful glare in Raeven’s direction* WHAT? I’M WORKING ON IT!

Q; Thank you for your time, la’Seth’ra.

A: But of course. Thank you for yours, nersera.


Seth’s work can be found here and here, and questions and comments can be left on this post or asked directly on his comment box on the About page. Look for Seth in the upcoming weekly webserial, The Asylum.


6 thoughts on “Zero to Hero: Day 6

  1. Sorry that I’m late leaving this comment, I just had to say that this is awesome!
    I love how Seth’s voice is so perfect here. I can really see his personality. No wonder he drives you crazy. :-p
    When Seth said that he had “amorous advances from his flatmates” I laughed for about five minutes. I don’t know why it struck me as so funny but it did. If we could all have your problems, Seth! 🙂
    Also, he gave great advice: You MAKE time for writing. My characters get cranky if I don’t write them so I’ve been writing at 3:00 in the morning. It is amazing that once you make time for writing, you can get it done. Even just 10 minutes in a day makes a huge difference in your story.
    And sometimes characters are just SO pushy, you have to tell it whether you want to or not. 🙂
    Seth, you are a cheeky devil and I adore you.


      • ::falls over from too much happy::

        Thank you! I’m sure that you will have legions of fans when you are published 🙂 However, you deserve all the love that you can get and I’m sure that you will. Don’t worry, my devotion to you will not stray. I’m very excited to see you burst upon the world!


  2. ::falls over laughing::
    Oh, Jeshickah will not have me, of that I am sure. She is an equal opportunity hater: she hates men and women.
    However, when women are through throwing their underthings at you, (as I’m sure that they will do), I will be waiting with a drink with a little umbrella in it for you because you’ll need a drink after that. I’ll even wipe the lipstick marks off your face, if you so wish! 😉
    Have a glorious day and best wishes to your author for a wonderful day,


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