Zero to Hero: Day 6, behind the scenes

Welcome back to another ZtH BtS! I was getting kinda worried I wouldn’t get a chance to do another. Once again, we start off with


The good old copy-paste approach again for me. I also used the “Copy a post” function to bring over the tags and formatting from the last ZtH BtS – I cannot recommend the copy a post enough. It saves me so much trouble with all the not-actually-writing parts, and makes sure my tags and categories are consistent throughout my blog. I really love it (did I mention I love it?).

The ramble:

I love this challenge, because this is something I do a lot, though not as deliberately as I will today. But for example, “The Experiment” is all geared towards brand new bloggers, and I actually have a very specific “dream reader” in mind when I write this: My Mom. She’s a little technophobic, convinced she can’t work the Internet, coupled with an amazing curiosity about the world. If I could get my mom online, slowly building her confidence with every successful post, and set up with a really good selection on her Reader, I bet she’d have a blast with it. When all the other siblings are grown up and out of the house and not taking the computer away and doing it for her instead of teaching her, I’ll give it a go then. I bet she’ll love it.

…This is why I call this section “The ramble”.

Zeroing in (Ha! Zeroing in- see what I did there? …why do you always interrupt when I’m trying to be serious?) on a dream reader for the rest of Raevenly Writes is not so easy. But that’s why I love this challenge. When I started, The Experiment was my main focus, and writing more or less to my mom worked. But I’ve moved past the initial stage, and it’s time to re-address who I’m writing to. So, let’s cobble together some bullet points.

  • I write to writers with things like “world building” and “arguing with characters” – what kind of writers? at what stage? why?
  • I write to Asylum fans with the Outtakes, and a lot of the Utter Silliness – …even though Asylum isn’t published yet….
  • I write to encourage writers with things like sharing my NaNo, or tips I’ve gathered from others
  • I write to keep people writing with things like the Prompt Bucket- because writing is important to me

So the jist of this boils down to: I write for writers, and hope that they will love Asylum. In the future, perfect world, Asylum becomes wildly popular and people love it and think I’m a good writer and come to me for advice and I can point them here. That’s what this is all about.

…ZtH is making me feel more and more egotistical. I get that blogging is essentially a very ego driven exercise, but I’ve usually been able to ignore it. 😛

Anyways, moving on.

So I’ve got a basic list and jist of my dream reader, and now I feel less on task than I did before. Time to consult the assignment.

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

New to you element, right. I had completely forgotten about that part – this is why I love the copy/paste method.

Why do this?

  • Because writing with a specific reader in mind is a great way to focus your thoughts. CHECK!
  • Because exploring new elements (photos, audio, video) and post styles (short, long, poetry, Q&A) adds more tools to your storytelling toolbox. Mmk, I can be down with that.
  • Because publishing different types of posts and media adds visual interest — and white space that makes text easier to read on-screen. And when your posts are easier to read, more people read ‘em. True. I’ve been kicking around doing more pix.

Ok. So now I feel less focused than ever. Instead of pulling me back to task, the “add a new element” idea got me going in a million directions all about once about what to do. So, I kept reading to see if I could myself back.

 “focus on your dream reader and write a post — about anything — aimed at him or her.”

Hmm… well that opens it up for me even more. Anything, huh?

” it can be on any topic at all. The key is to keep your dream reader in mind as you write, and see how that influences what you create.”

Ok. Ok. I can do this. Keeping my reader in mind, keeping the new element idea in the back of my head, what to do….

Well, what do I want to tell my dream reader? I want to tell them:

  • To keep writing. Always. Because only you can tell the story that’s in you.
  • How to keep writing, because it’s not always easy. Two steps here: 1) practical advice and 2)showing I’m human too
  • How Asylum became great, so that they can build their own stories into something great
  • That Seth isn’t as wonderful as he likes to tell everyone he is

Seth! That’s right! When in doubt, throw Seth under the bus (No really, this is how he and I roll. We pick at each other whenever we can). And then I remember Q&A was a thing, and Interview with a Sethpire was born!

This is why I love doing the behind the scenes. Posts can be really difficult to write sometimes, and seeing someone else’s human experience with it can be very heartening, I think. Maybe someone found a useful bit of advice in here that unlocked something for them. I don’t know. I hope so. I guess even this BtS was written to my dream reader. Hello, Dream Reader! I hope you’re doing well! Keep Writing!

The wrap up:

And now that I know where I’m going, I can pretty well just sit down, drag Seth in front of the keyboard with me, and just hammer out some back and forth. I may or may not google a Q&A if I can’t think of what to ask him, but I don’t really see that being a big problem. Seth is easily one of my most talkative characters, and hands down the one I’m most comfortable writing with. He’s a bit of a writer himself, so we grok each other, and we have great chemistry. I think. There I go feeling all egomanic again. That must be the Seth talking. Better wrap this up and write the proper post while he has things to say. 😛


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