Weekly Writing Goals: April, week 3

The mad writing binge continues, on more stuff that has nothing to do with what I’m “supposed” to be working on. Well, not nothing, but it’s a bit of a stretch.

A few days ago we met Kestrel and Ash, both members of the House of Blood (previously, the unnamed organization of LBB). These characters have prompted a slurry of information that is both useful and irrelevant – right now. Xaph hinted a few weeks ago that he had something to do with what happens to Jules’ sister, and that he may or may not be behind the goonies hunting Rain – he is. It’s official. Xaphrael has his fingers in all the pies, which is why he’s been so insistent and distracting lately. Ash and Kestrel confirmed it for us.

It’s fun when everything starts to come together.

Jean and the circus seem to have died flat, but I think that’s from me going all bloodhound on the LBB thing. I’ve been wondering about that for FOREVER and having answers FINALLY is definitely holding most of my attention.

In other news, Seth has left his trailer and is chatting up my readers, so that’s a thing. If you’d like to, he’s got his own option on the contact form on my About page, so you can drop him a line directly. I can’t say his ego really needs the boost, but whatever. Let there be fans, and cake, I suppose.

Also, Camp NaNo is drawing to a close, and I’m about 75% towards my word goal. Ash has been a big distraction, and a big help, so we’ll see if I make it or not. Wish me luck!



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