Zero to Hero: Day 5, behind the scenes

Day 5 was a behind the scenes kinda day, asking us to look at themes. I love my theme, though I occasionally look at others to see if I might like them more. So far, no bites.

1. Pick something that speaks to you. You might admire simplicity and bold typography on others’ sites, but if you’re personally drawn to something soft and romantic, head in that direction.

Shine on.

Likes: This one was easy: OWLS. David Bowie forever.

Dislikes: Doesn’t support the menu style I like. Also, if it said “Raevenly Writes” instead of “Shine on”

2. Consider your content. If you know you’ll be posting lots of images, pick a theme meant to show off photos. If you love poetry, choose a streamlined theme that makes your words the star. (Not sure what you want to publish? Welcome to the 99%. Try everything!)


Likes: Pretty pictures, still a simplistic layout that makes the posts the star but supports all my widgets

Dislikes: Too girly 😛

3. Think about your priorities. Some themes have a very distinctive look out-of-the-box. Others let you add custom touches like headers and backgrounds, while some have a variety of layout options Take a look at a theme’s features and customization options.

I’m not too worried about branding at this point, so I don’t care too much about how personalized my look is. I’m playing around with doing a custom header, which my Zoren supports, but if I made something I was really happy with, I might switch to something that showcased that better.

Twenty ten

Likes: Streamline, big front and center customizable header (great for branding)

Dislikes: More condensed than Zoren, makes the content seem a little smaller


For now, I’m happy to stick with Zoren, but I’ll definitely keep Twenty Ten in mind for later – maybe when I launch Asylum?


2 thoughts on “Zero to Hero: Day 5, behind the scenes

  1. I like this theme, simple and easy to get around.

    I nearly died when I saw Michelle’s post – Change your Theme – are you kidding me? I actually wrote that I think in my reply to her. It took me literally weeks of changes and more changes before setting on Confit. If I had to change it I may possibly have a breakdown.


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