Zero to Hero: Day 4

I’m not gonna lie, I kinda hated this assignment.

I’m not really all that social, and prefer to let my social life come to me (or make my girlfriend drag me out),  but the heart of this assignment is true: I want to engage in the blog-o-sphere. …I just don’t want to have to work for it. 😛

So far, I’ve been really lucky. I’ve plain stumbled upon some really great blogs to follow, like Entertaining Stories and A Writer’s life for me. But I’m doing myself (and my characters) a disservice by not stepping out into the world and seeing what’s out there. So even though I didn’t wanna do it, I doed it, and here’s the water I dipped my toes into.


This part was pretty easy. I just thought about tags I might apply to my own work and went to town. I steered away from bigguns, like “fiction” and “creative writing”, and tried to zero in a little better on Asylum in particular. I like to throw around the genres “Supernatural Romance” and “Urban Fantasy”, so I decided to have a look into what other people are rallying together under that banner.

“Supernatural Romance” didn’t turn up as much, but one post also linked to “Paranormal Romance” and that got a lot more hits. So, note to self: make the switch. It’s a relatively new genre anyways, so it’s not surprising the name is still in flux. “Westerns” probably isn’t going anywhere at this point, like “Horror” and “Sci-fi”, but “paranormal/supernatural Romance” still a baby.

But this left me with two more slots to fill the measure of today’s assignment. I started at my bookshelf for inspiration, and found our knitting books. Oh yeah, hobbies. I have those.

“Knitting” itself was waaaaay too big a topic, but one of the first posts I came across mentioned yarn bombing. I had forgotten how much I adore yarn bombing, and promptly lost myself for about an hour wandering through pictures.

For good measure, and to feel like a grown-up after playing in all the yarn, I added “self-publishing” to round out my tags assignment. Now on to the hard part…


I hate reading blogs hunting for gold. I love reading good blogs, and check my reader religiously for updates from people I already follow, but slogging through the new to find blogs I’ll love feels too much like work.

Fortunately, before I gave up and cleaned house or something drastic like that, I remembered that blogrolls are a thing, and promptly went to go check out what some of my favorite bloggers are reading.

…only to find that almost no one I followed had a up a blogroll. I mean, I wasn’t expecting everyone to, but damn. So, next best thing. I looked at the posts I liked to see who else liked ’em. That got a little better results, but the whole thing was still really tedious. I’d pretty well lost interest in it all by the time I’d finally found people to read, so I kinda just collected five people nearly at random.

Lynette Noni – had some good stuff up about character development and rejection letters, could be my cup of tea.

Wide awake but dreaming – This one comes with a lesson in the importance of avatars. I pulled it out of a sea of “likes” because I’ve seen it on TONS of stuff I like, so it seemed like a no brainer. We’ve obviously got interests in common, so it was time to look deeper.

joeyfullysated – cat pix 😛 This is another one with a blogger lesson – it was the tagline that made me click.

carierubin -another  familiar face on many things I’d like, I went for the follow her because of how organized everything looked- never doubt the importance of your blog lay out, ladies and gentleman

winterbayne – a follower of mine that I’d not added back, cause I’m not really one to add people willinillie. I usually lurk for a few days or weeks, then make my decision (part of why I hated this assignment). But lots of other people I read have had lovely good things to say about winterbayne, so I took the plunge and hit follow.

….no post has ever made me feel more pretentious than this one. It’s hard, acting like my opinion matters, like I’m some voice of authority or something. I dunno. I hate feeling like I’m passing judgement, or worse, acting like I know what I’m talking about. But there you have it. Day 4, done. And on time too. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Zero to Hero: Day 4

  1. It isn’t pretentious. You do know what you’re talking about because you are a reader of blogs. Your opinion does matter. I’m still struggling with what kind of content to post on my blog, as if I know what I’m talking about. So, you being a fellow writer, reader, blogger, and potential follower…are an expert. I’d personally love to know what kind of content readers and potential followers want. If I can deliver it, I would. It’s kind of what writers do, you know?

    My blog roll is HUGE. I follow a lot of people. The bloggers may not always get my attention, but I find a good post from everyone at some point. A blog can’t be gold all the time. I learn from them and find interesting people.

    And I can’t believe people have nice things to say about me ;P And I’m obviously skipping around reading random posts instead of writing for Camp Nano…sssshhhh don’t tell on me.


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