Reflections on Writing

There are thoughts here that every author needs to hear. The bit about highly polished “greats” gave me a particularly hard paradigm shift, but a good one. I had simply never considered it before, but it left me feeling more “allowed” to right shitty first drafts.

Eclectic Alli

My cousin shared this article about writers and procrastination, which of course I felt drawn to simply by the title.  

“Wait!”  I thought, “I’m a writer!  And I procrastinate!  Sure, I’ve come up with my ideas as to why, but here’s someone else talking about it… and I have this project I should be working on so… let’s see what it has to say.”  Yup.  I’m a writer, and I am an expert procrastinator.  I sometimes even procrastinate on my procrastination projects with other projects.  As a matter of fact, I could well be procrastinating right now.

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