Another “wasted” morning

I have spent the past two Wednesday mornings working on my blog. On the one hand, I look up and see that it’s afternoon, and I’m all bummed, cause I’d meant to get so much writing done today. On the other hand, I did. I wrote a lot this morning, as you’ll see in the coming days. It wasn’t the fiction I’d intended to work on, but I’m left with this lovely sense of satisfaction that only comes with a job well done.

It’s kinda like that particular tired you get after hitting the gym. You’re sore, you’re grumpy, you bemoan all the other things you could have done with that time- but your’e also pleased. It felt good to get all that work done, and that deep tissue used feeling is very satisfying.

My brain feels like that right now.

Even better, I feel like I just spent the day at work. I know, I know, counter-intuitive, but I feel like I just spent the day at work doing something I love. I love working on this blog, and I love spending my mornings talking to all of you and talking about my characters and talking about my life and building this relationship with this nebulous thing called an audience. I really love it, and I really feel like I’m getting something done here. If I’m not, please don’t tell me. I’m enjoying the dream. 🙂

Happy writing everyone,



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