Weekly Writing Goals: April, week 2

Something is in the air this week, because Cait and I have been writing like madwomen. None of it, of course, on things we “should” be working on. I got a really good bit of NaNo done on Word dump Wednesday, and we did get some work done on Asylum – except that it’s a contextless outtake with Seth and Nica. He’ll tell her another “Seth story” before we’re done with it, but otherwise, it’s just fun writing.

I guess there’s nothing wrong with writing for fun every now and again, but I’m little miffed at myself for deciding I needed to do it in the middle of Camp NaNo.

Work with Jonquil and Cirque du Vols is taking off with that sort of manic enthusiasm that new projects seem to have. I tried to fight it, but since I wasn’t getting any other writing done anyways, I gave in, and we’ve got 10k under our belts so far.

Damn circus clowns.

In other news, Cait and I are talking it over, and it seems like web serial is definitely the route we want to take for Asylum. So, this gives me a little renewed enthusiasm to tackle that project with 1)because I know where I’m going with it and 2) because I’m so very excited to have the world meet Seth and Naj and Nica and Kain and Chris and Lena and Marie and Nat and Gwen and Travis and Matthew and Carrie and Emily and Rowan and EVERYONE, for realsies.

So look for more updates on that in the future, and give me hell about it if you don’t.


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