Happy Birthday Frost

Most of you probably know about tonight’s eclipse. However, I doubt any of you know that that makes today Frost’s birthday. Well, a version of Frost anyways. The Frost that you all know and love is loosely based on a friend of mine who’s been looking out for me since I was a very little (and very reckless) girlcub. His story is long and glorious and hopefully some day I will be up for the telling of it, but the important part to know for tonight is the story of how he, Cataluna, and Starling were born.

All Kaleans are born into Clans by the signs of the Moon. Dreamers and Weavers, Hunters and Healers- all come to know themselves by the song the Moon sings to their hearts. On this night, three children were born, each with a different song in their hearts.

The Moon rose full and heavy on the horizon, fat and lush with blood from the Hunt. As she rose into the sky, a deep, deep crimson, a cry pierced the night, and little Cataluna was born under the sign of the Hunters Moon.

The Lady climbed higher and higher into the sky, but instead of shining brighter, a shadow grew on her face, casting the night into darkness. It was the night of an eclipse, and under that darkened moon, young Frost entered the world. His blue eyes opened to a Moon that sang with fire and ice, life and death, the blood of the Hunters and the shadow of the Destroyers. Two songs wound their way into his heart that night.

Still the Lady climbed, and soon she overcame the shadow that darkened her brow. From out of the darkness she emerged, pure and white. Into this crystalline light little Starling was born, and it was the song of the Dreamers that spoke to her heart.

Many cycles of the Lady Moon would pass before these children came to know their destinies, and she watched over them all.


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Frost

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Frost! I’d give you kisses, but you probably would run away. How about an adoring look? 🙂
    I love how you wrote about “The Lady” –La Luna, indeed. Now I’m going to have to listen to Sarah Brightman’s La Luna album. I guess that worse things could happen…

    Hope you are well,



    • Thank you kindly for the happy wishes. We are doing well here, despite everyone’s unhappiness over the weather. I wished for snow for my birthday, is that so wrong?
      Take care, and keep an eye on Mara- she’s too curious for her own good.



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