Today on the Treadmill

I have a group of sassy teenage hawk girls in my head singing “No Scrub (Jays)”.

Think TLC

meets Bring it On


For a little ornithology context, Scrub Jays

Florida Scrub Jays are one of the few cooperative breeding birds in North America. Fledgling Florida Scrub Jays remain in their parents’ habitat for several years and help to rear young, watch for predators (such as Short-tailed or Accipiter hawks), and defend territory against neighboring Florida Scrub Jay family groups. These families can range in size from 2 to 8.

Juvenile Florida Scrub Jay

In other words, he still lives with his mom.

Yup. That’s my brain right now. There’s a story budding about a group of lunkhead hawkboys who ride around in convertibles “flashing feathers” to tell non-hawks to step off, or whatever. I dunno. Very much not my scene, but very amusing to watch.

2 thoughts on “Today on the Treadmill

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