Obsessive? Me?

Boy, does today’s Daily Prompt suit me or what? The entire reason I write is because I obsess. I’m a daydreamer at heart, and without that obsession driving me to know more about them, my stories would come and go in an instant, forgotten between one moment and the next.

I obsess about every minor detail. I make pages upon pages of notes about languages, origins, favorite foods, snippets of backstory, reasons why X character would speak this language, where was this person when this historical event was happening. How does the world work? What happens when you mix X magic with Y? Are there gods? What are demons? Where do we go at night when we dream? Can vampires live without blood? Why did Zig become a bloodwhore, but not Chris? Where would Zig have met his first vampire? What color is Zig’s favorite t-shirt? Why does he know how to make tamales? What spices are in his cupboard? Are fey susceptible to food allergies? Why would vampires dislike garlic?

And so on.

But all of these little details come together to make a story. And all those stories come together to make a world. And I am OBSESSED with that world.

Come explore it with me?


One thought on “Obsessive? Me?

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