Camp NaNo, April: Day 13

The circus has me thoroughly distracted, but its also got me writing with more fury and enthusiasm than my current NaNo project. I’ve heard of people switching projects part way through, but I don’t think that works for me. The point of NaNo, for me, is to make myself work on things I wouldn’t normally, so as much fun as I’m having with Jonquil, he’ll have to take a back seat soon so that I can finish this promise to myself.

In that spirit, I sat down and did some pretty heavy handed outlining today. I usually prefer to let the story come more naturally, but since these last few scenes are already “written” and just waiting for me to flesh them out, it’s working better for me to basically outline, zoom in, outline some more, zoom in some more, outline, until basically I’ve tricked myself into actually writing the scene.

Here’s what I’ve gotten done today, but be warned: tis super full of spoilers.

Scene: Zig and Rain and the big bad dog

  • Yes, Zig can see him, but Zig has the Sight

  • Maybe parade him around for other Spiders, just to see?

  • …Zig has something to say to Rainy, but he won’t tell me what it is

Scene: Rain and the goonies getting eaten

  • I need Rain to walk home alone for some reason – from where, and why?

  • At the very least, on her bike- did she bring her bike today? Yes, ok then this afternoon is ok

  • Basic run down: She gets grabbed, Frost eats them, like straight up eats them, they stop existing

    • Nope, more like this: Let’s showcase a little bit of Rain’s talents, and do something to underscore that they’re GONE not just Dead. Maybe kill one, then eat another? Maybe something with how Al is a vamp? Brainstorm (or maybe get lucky and have the scene write itself??)

Scene: Rain berating Frost and laying some ground rules

  • What the hell did I say about this when I first drafted it in my head?

  • “Ground rules! No eating people! Holy crap you can talk? Why didn’t you tell me you can talk? Holy crap! Stop reading my mind! Oh my good ew! No guarding me while I’m in the shower”

  • Meh, feels forced. Maybe I’ll get lucky and remember it again when I’m actually writing it

Scene: Rain feeling pretty good about everything, but an off encounter with Myles to remind us he’s the baddy?

  • This is a hammering the audience over the head kinda scene. May or may not be needed.

  • Need a feeling of all is well, cause I have Frost now but oh wait, we forgot about Myles!

Note: Do we need anything else before—-

Scene: Myles shows up dead on Rook’s porch

  • Already written – hurray




2 thoughts on “Camp NaNo, April: Day 13

    • I don’t actually have much experience with it, for fiction.
      I used to outline like a fiend when I had to do scholarly papers in college, but mostly that was a way to working on it when I didn’t want to.
      …I guess this really isn’t any different 😛


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