What to do, what to do

So Zig has been pestering me about Bloodwhore ever since we wrote this little blurb the other night. I’m so torn. On the one hand, Zig has been super tight-lipped about his time before Spiders, so I’m all excited about his sudden desire to tell his story. On the other hand, I’m knee-deep in a NaNo, trying to finish a story that he’s in. A story that I couldn’t finish back in November cause I got burnt out and distracted. I met my world goal and walked away. April came around and drug it out to Camp NaNo to finish. Now Zig is all distracted by his past and I don’t have his attention for my NaNo anymore.

Also, I’m distracted by the fact that the story is apparently called “Bloodwhore”. I personally have no issue with it, but I do wonder how a title like that might affect relatability (not to mention publishability). It’s an “edgy” title, and probably unnecessarily so. I’m not usually one to argue with my characters (too much) and its very rare for me to have a title before I even have any story down, but still… I suppose I can always just write it, and worry about the title later.

What would you do? Abandon Rain’s NaNo (again) in favor of Bloodwhore? What about the title? Change it, leave it, worry about it when it becomes an issue instead of fretting over ifs? Try to write both at once and see if it drives Zig insane? I kinda really like that option. I feel he deserves it for distracting me from what he knows is a hard write for me.


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