The boyfriend award?

ETA: I’ve now gotten 4 nominations for this, all from people who had been following me one week or less when they nominated me (except for the one nomination I got from someone who isn’t even following me – at least, not as far as I can tell). Guys, this really makes it ring rather false to me. I’m sorry. It just feels quite hollow and empty. Does this make any sense?

If I manage to get 11 nominations, I’ll “accept” my award, using my 11 nominators as the 11 people I tag, since it’s clearly something that’s important to them. But I just don’t feel particularly validated by a made up award someone slaps on my blog two days after finding it. It actually makes me feel like my blog is less special, not more. I feel like filler, and that’s a crappy feeling for something I work so hard on.


I waffled a lot about posting this. I usually try to follow the Thumper adage, “If you can’t say nothin’ nice…” That’s part of why I try not to talk about my views on NaNo too much- for all that I love the motivation, I don’t think too highly of the concept in general. A bit hypocritical, maybe, but that’s a risk everyone runs every time they form an opinion.


I’m just going to go ahead and post it. Let me apologize to anyone it upsets, that’s not my intention at all. I’m just expressing my feelings, and that can’t bother you too much, or you wouldn’t be reading my blog, now would you?

Let me close this awkward disclaimer by saying I’m very flattered to be nominated, thank you, but no thank you. Not this time around.

Ok, enough lofty build up. Time for a post that didn’t warrant this much thought. I hope you’re all disappointed with how mild it is.


Adrian Sanchez nominated me for a Liebster awardย after following me for less than a week. This is the first time I’d heard of the award, and having it come from someone who just started following me, I was pretty skeptical. A quick google search turned up post after post of people with similar attitudes of Liebster being little more than a chain letter and a pat on the back, but they accepted it anyways.

I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Far be it from me to belittle anyone over anything, all I can do is hold myself to my own standards and hope others do the same. This isn’t really about that, anyways. It’s just a bunch of pixels to decorate your blog with. Be my guest.

But I think what’s really bothering me is its coming from someone who barely knows me. Adrian, please don’t get upset, but can you see why this rings shallow with me? How can you already know I’m a blog you care to nominate, unless this award really isn’t important in any way, and any 11 blogs would do.

That’s another thing: I’m not even sure I follow 11 blogs, let alone 11 blogs with less than 200 followers. :/

So I’m sitting this one out, personally. But I don’t want to disrupt the chain and ruin for everyone else, so here are Adrian’s nominee’s. I’ll definitely be checking them out, partially out of curiosity to see what sort of fellows I’ve been grouped with. ๐Ÿ˜›

My nominations for a Liebster Award (I donโ€™t actually know the follower count for these blogs, I just really enjoy them and want to know more):

  1. Following the Ink
  2. Raevenly Writes
  3. Here There Be Dragons
  4. My Writing Diary
  5. By All Means Paint
  6. Allison McKellan
  7. Cate Emond
  8. Pooh Lovers Unite
  9. That Typing Sound
  10. Reba Lovelace
  11. An Adventure Every Day



20 thoughts on “The boyfriend award?

  1. I have been trying to decide whether or not to even post anything about this award…feeling as if it is a bit too generalized and more available than most blog awards. I appreciate the views and possible follows the nomination has brought to me though ๐Ÿ˜‰

    For the record on a different subject: My dedication to writing led me to NaNoWriMo as a push to help to sustain/start/finish first drafts and that’s how my first novel cam into being. I have seen students get excited about writing for the first time and ‘loners’ come together to become lifelong friends and pen pals from across the world. So Perhaps the ‘concept’ of 50,000 words in one month is a bit rough…the actuality can be pretty cool.


    • It’s not rough at all, that’s what I take personal issue with. Let me say I have no problem with it for anyone but Me. I’m all about doing whatever works for you. I personally didn’t get that much out of it, but I write 1-5k a day just to relax. For me, it doesn’t work.
      But I have used it to write a novel I didn’t want to, but needed the info from. So it’s not been a waste, it just didn’t live up to all the hype, for me.


      • A lot of people don’t have that type of discipline or time on a day to day basis. It is a very rough concept for a those types. But I completely understand where you’re coming from. It is definitely a personal issue for everyone who chooses whether or not to enter. ๐Ÿ˜€


      • Yup. All writing should be a personal experience, I think. Next year, if I do it again, I’ll either set a higher goal, or work on another project that needs the extra motivation. It’s all about doing what works for you.


      • Agreed. I didn’t believe I could “be a writer” until I saw how easy it was to meet my NaNo goals. Even working on something I thought was stupid, I kept writing every day and didn’t get sick of it. I’m still working on that same stupid story, because I want to prove to myself I can finish something whether I -want- to or not.


      • I let myself stop believing in it for a while in college. So many people laughing at an English degree- I let my fear and uncertainty get in the way.

        I’m so grateful I came back to it. I’ve never been happier in my life.


      • I’m glad you came back to it then! I have an Elementary Education degree because an English degree ‘wouldn’t pay the bills’. Which is fine…I write YA fiction and the degree helps me with my brand and I am beginning to be considered an expert…but I still wish I had finished the Music and English combo I wanted originally.


      • English and Biology here, cause I wanted to write sci-if. Oh the looks I get when I explain that one! ๐Ÿ˜›

        Thanks for commenting, I’ve had a lovely chat with you today. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. This is a bit harsh. The Liebster Award, from what I understand, is just bloggers celebrating other bloggers they admire and sharing them with their followers. I was nominated not too long ago and I nominated Adrian. I think the award is great way to draw attention to new blogs. I’m also the one that nominated Adrian. She has only had her blog a month so of course she hasn’t been following anyone for very long. Everyone has to start somewhere. I nominated her because she has some great posts and I have enjoyed her writing. I’m sure she had her reasons for nominating you though after reading this post, I for one, will no longer be following your blog.


      • She was only trying to draw attention to your blog and compliment you and despite your disclaimers that you are not trying to be offensive, you called her nomination shallow and were very flippant. I feel bad that I nominated Adrian now because I know how hard it is to put yourself out there with your blog and now she has to wake up and read your negative post. Sure you can have an opinion but you linked this post to her so she and her followers will read it. And yes, this is your personal blog. Say what you want. Doesn’t mean anyone wants to read it.


      • My day isn’t ruined. It’s actually going great and I’ve stopped following your blog already. As you put it, I’m just expressing my opinion. If you didn’t want to hear opinions counter to your own, perhaps you shouldn’t have posted them on the internet where anyone has the freedom to read and respond.


      • I never said I didn’t – notice I haven’t deleted your comments. I’m only inviting you to discontinue a conversation you’re clearly not happy with.

        I’ve tried to remain cordial, as I don’t think the internet needs more rudeness. If my manners weren’t polished enough for you, I do apologize.


      • You weren’t rude to me and it is not me you should be apologizing to. I respect your opinion about the award and understand why it bothers you. I was repetitious about accepting it myself. However, Adrian was only trying to pay your blog a compliment and she did not deserve your negative backlash. If you are going to apologize to anyone, apologize to her.


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