Still obsessing over Isaac Vainio

Not gonna lie, I am totally the obsessive sort. Girlfriend has come to accept this, and probably uses it to her advantage when I’m not paying attention. If she’s not, she totally should be. Get on that, Girlfriend. Make your life better.


…I’m doing that a lot lately. I tend to get sidetracked really easily when I’m obsessing over something.

Does that make any sense at all?


I’ve been digging around on the author’s blog like I do when I start fixating on something I like, and I found a link to a short blurb about how Isaac met Smudge, his pet fire spider. It’s short, cute, and gives a pretty good feel for the feel of how Hines writes (at least, how he writes Isaac Vainio). So give it a read, fall in love and go buy the books. 😛


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