Why writing partners make the best gym partners

Let’s face it- writing is not the most active of activities. But I love going to the gym with my writing partner, because an hour on the stair stepper can get pretty boring with no one to talk to. And oh do we talk!

Some of our best discoveries about Asylum/Havenverse have come about 15 mins in, idly chatting, body happily engaged in something physical and minds just a’wandering. We’ve discovered how the Anima, a largely astral sort of race, have been shaping the course of human history since the Dark Ages. We’ve met a traveling circus in Europe where the “trained animals” are really shapeshifters. We’ve finally figured out why we can’t figure out what the deal is with Jules’ sister May, and we’ve let Xaphreal have a field day, cause that’s just what the world needs, more convenient plot device demons.

And the time just flies by. Whether we do half or full hour sessions, we always leave feeling fantastic because we’ve engaged both our bodies and souls. Some of my favorite discoveries have come from sessions like this, and I’m happier and healthier from being active.

Seriously, writing partners make the best gym buddies.


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