Once a bloodwhore…

Missing my Zig a lot lately. Personally, I blame Rain and the NaNo. This little bit was actually brought on by something my writing partner wrote- Zig had a very strong reaction to her work, though this barely does that justice.

Zig knew he would never overcome this. Years and years later, he would always feel the pull of it in his blood, always feels his heart race, feel the pumping of adrenaline in his veins. Whispers in the back of his mind told him this would always be who he was, who was meant to be, and why did he fight it? With a shudder and a sigh he closed the book and closed his eyes, leaning up against the headboard.


It had been a mistake to pick up a supernatural romance. He knew it would be, but it had gotten so many good reviews, unlike so much of the currently popular teenage vampire drivel. He’d had to laugh, imagining how Clarissa would have taken to Edward Cullen, or Stephan and Damon. Probably eaten them alive. But that thought came with flashes of fangs and flesh and Zig dug his nails into his palms, just trying to quietly ride the high out.


That was the worst part. Not the nightmares, not the memories, but the physical flashbacks. Brought on by gods only knew what, from time to time Zig would find himself deep in the throes of a bite-induced blood high. His body would spontaneously dump all of it’s fight or flight into him at once, coupled with a mind-numbing euphoria that left his heart racing but his limbs unwilling to move. It would pass in a matter of minutes, but the lazy bliss would remain. For hours, he want nothing more than to lay there, quickly basking, while his body tried to replenish it’s strength. Only, no blood had been taken, there was nothing to restore. But he’d still have flashbacks all the same. If he’d get up, move around despite the languor, he found that it wore off more quickly, but in the first few minutes, it was impossible to do anything. Zig just laid there and stared at the ceiling, wondering if he would ever get over this, or if he’d have flashbacks for the rest of his life.



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