The Universe is a funny place sometimes…

Yesterday I was bemoaning the end of a really good book – very loudly, to anyone who would listen, actually. Wonderful girlfriend heard my plight and downloaded the sequel onto her Nook. I’m always a little sad reading on an e-reader. Call me silly, but I really like  being able to feel my progress through the book. It adds to the anticipation to see just how much book I have ahead of me, and I always read a little more carefully as I run out of pages. I slow down, I make myself savor.

Which is why I find it hilariously wonderful that the first chapter is about trying to perform libriomancy through an e-reader.

Sometimes, you just have to sit back and laugh.


2 thoughts on “The Universe is a funny place sometimes…

  1. Is that really what the first chapter is about? Life imitating art…that is interesting. It’s funny when stuff like that happens! I remember reading a book where it was raining constantly and my boyfriend called and asked if I wanted to go on a walk with him and I told him that I couldn’t because it was raining. His response?
    “…No, it’s not, babe. It’s sunny.”
    Of course it was when I opened the curtains! I was so into my book, I had forgotten what the real weather was like.

    I love it when we find a book and get completely sucked in. I should read that book. It sounds great.

    (I also can’t stand ereaders, which is probably why I don’t have one. I love holding books in my hands and flipping through the pages. It is especially helpful if I forget something because then I can just flip back and forth through the pages until I find the facts that I am looking for. I’ve heard that it is hard to do on an ereader. Maybe I’m just cynical, though.)

    Take care,


    • The Nook has a bookmarks feature that let’s you “dog-ear” things, and high-lighters, which I prefer in a an e-reader since I’m normally reluctant to write in actual books. The only catch is you have to actually place the bookmark, but its not that much different from leafing through a real book, I’d think. I dunno. I haven’t used the reader very much, since it’s girlfriend’s and not mine, but I’ve never really had an issue with it. I just prefer the weight of a real book in my hand. But it would remarkably easier to carry around one e-reader than a whole library of books (not to mention the bookmarks feature would be handy there) so that’s why Issac is looking into using them for his magic.

      And cause Libriomancers are just curious like that, I suppose. 😛


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