A blast from the past: Seth and Kain drabbles

Harliqueen got me thinking about Seth’s past this morning, the result was a handful of snippets from the “beginning” of our world from Seth’s, and surprisingly enough Kain’s, eyes. Nothing terribly concrete, and waaaay off the beaten path of the idea I was trying to follow regarding voice, but still, fun candy for any Seth or Kain fans. (Note: Anything this old is bound to contain a spoiler or two, so be advised, and read at your own risk.)

In the winter, Seth’s favorite breakfast was preserved fruits and cheese on fresh bread – though he was wise enough to avoid anything made by Lorrinda. For some reason, the baker had taken her on as an apprentice, despite every creation of hers tasting like dirt. What Seth never knew, and what Mar would never tell, was that Lorrinda deliberately dropped everything she served Seth and Bird in the dust, as revenge for making fun of her when they all were younger. To Mar, they were the sweetest cakes in the world- so long as it came from Lorrinda’s hand, she could serve him a rock, and he’d eat it happily.

It was not uncommon for the children of Kain’s village to go about in their various animal forms, practicing stalking and hunting for when they were old enough to go out with the hunting parties. Of course, some times this lead to being stalked by an older cousin, if you were foolish enough to wear a prey animal’s form in the wilds.

Kaya was not always so hungry for power. Certainly, she was competitive, mostly with herself, but something changed after the village was destroyed. Kain always wondered what his sister might have been, had things not been so.

Seth thought no one saw how angry he was inside, thought he hid his frustrations well. But Bird saw how he bucked at the mantle thrust upon him, and was always sure to be louder, more insistent that they follow his lead over Seth’s. He knew how grateful their rakuvra was for the chance to just be another serpent, cobra or not.

Even when Naj was very small, he was very deliberate in his actions. He held the overly large hunk of bread in both hands, turning it this way and that, trying to find a bite that would not result in hot jam all over his shirt. Finally, he gave up on the idea, carefully peeling away the slice of cheese from the top of the bread and taking a delicate nibble from first the bread, then the cheese. As he chewed, he held each at arm’s length, and was sure to wash up afterwards. His shirt remained clean through the whole thing.


2 thoughts on “A blast from the past: Seth and Kain drabbles

    • I love how Asylum already has fans, though we’ve not published word one of it. Makes me all tingly inside 😛

      Rough plan is to send Asylum to beta readers this summer. Not sure where I’m going from there…


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