Post-good book blues

Last night I finished reading Libriomancer by Jim C. Hines

You know those books that you mourn the ending of, because it was JUST SO GOOD you can’t stand yourself? Yeah, I just finished one of those.

Libriomancer captures something magical, something that resonates deep inside me, and makes me believe there’s more to teh world than the every day humdrums we slog through to get to more time to read. Or write. Or just sit and day dream. Libriomancer reminded me of my deepest hope that the impossible is true.

I adore books like that. I live on them, I thrive on them, and they are, without a doubt, the thing that keeps my feet moving on the days that should defeat us all.

Libriomancer helped me remember the magic.

Libriomancer also thrilled the writer in me, all content aside. The pace, the word choice, the charactization, the world building, how naturally it all came together to be effortless reading that kept you gripping the book, needing to know more, but made you walk away from it, made you slow down and savor it because you knew each page brought you closer and closer to the ending you dreaded.

Libriomancer is a gorgeous book, and the kind of reading that writers need to feast on. I’ll go ahead and put in the disclaimer that its subject might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but seriously, give it a shot. If you have any enjoyment of fantasy, sci-fi, or magic at all, pick it up.

…I may or may not be suffereing from withdrawls. 😛



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